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VOSH helps Ukraine
Ukraine has been building an independent nation.  HHT was formed in response to needs, both material and spiritual, observed on a visit to Ukraine in 1994 by founders, Cliff and Kay Netz.   The name was chosen to signify the partnership of many people necessary to accomplish the task - both in America and overseas.   Many people open their hearts to donate, gather, pack, load, and ship the aid.  In the receiving country, many volunteers work tirelessly to unpack, sort, and distribute the items. These volunteers make sure that the aid reached the people and groups that are the most needy.  Their work is a vital link in completing the chain of compassion.
Hand in Hand Together is not meant to be a "helping hand" or a handout.  Rather, it is to celebrate the mutual blessings for people who share and work together to accomplish a noble task.  The Ukrainian people respond with love and gratefulness, to cement the bonds of friendship and fellowship.  These are gifts more precious than any aid we are able to render.   Today, many people in the Former Soviet Union are in desperate need. Aid is offered to:
  • Individuals, such as pensioners and disabled people
  • Families, especially those with many children
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Orphanages and Centers for Homeless Children
  • Schools, churches, and other groups

Orphans are happy to receive shoes

Hand in Hand Together is registered  with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  As such, donations are tax deductible.  HHT is incorporated in the State of Minnesota as a nonprofit corporation.  HHT is also registered with the Office of the Attorney General, Charities Division, of the State of Minnesota.

Lee Scheumann, Executive Director 
Ruslan Khmyz, Director in Ukraine
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