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VOSH helps Ukraine

1.  To send aid and encouragement directly to people in need. Humanitarian aid is sent in 40-foot sea-going containers.  Each container holds about 15 tons of goods.  More than 160 containers have been sent to various parts of Ukraine.   The aid includes food, clothing, shoes, school supplies, and medical supplies.
2.  To offer help so that people can provide for themselves.  This includes providing bicycles which are a great help to travel to garden plots, among other things.  Another program provides pigs for villagers to allow them to take care of themselves and their families.
3.  To encourage intercultural exchange and understanding. Volunteers travel abroad to learn about the people and culture, to make friends, and to offer assistance to the communities.  For example, people had their eyes examined and received eyeglasses free of charge.  Nurses, doctors, teachers, and others visited Ukraine to offer friendship and service to the community.

It is a privilege for HHT to channel the aid from the donors to recipients who are in great need.  Each person is an important link in the chain necessary to complete the circle of love and caring.  When this circle is completed, it is a source of joy, satisfaction, and comfort to everyone involved.


Happy volunteers in USA loading donated goods

Volunteers in Ukraine unloading the container

Recipient for this rice is an Old Folks' Home.

 A generous man will himself
be blessed,  for he shares his
 food with the poor.   Proverbs 22:9

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Lee Scheumann, Executive Director 
Ruslan Khmyz, Director in Ukraine
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